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engaging creative expression with religion, spirituality, and belief connecting the life of faith to contemporary art

The literary canon is suffused with spiritual and religious themes. From the overtly religious poetics of Herbert, Donne, and Eliot to Rilke’s angels and Whitman’s antic joy—we find intimations of the divine pervading the history of English literature. Such a thing bears repeating in the current age, for religious writing has recently become a “genre,” a topic among hundreds of other topics which literature may engage. Historically, however, it might be said that spiritual and religious questions are the subject to which every other topic relates. 

LETTERS is committed to publishing and promoting artists, visual and literary,who labor in and towards such questions. To write with spiritual questions or affections in mind does not mean to write without doubt, or to write without bearing the full burden of a question’s ambiguities. To that end, we seek work that ranges from deepest conviction to long closeted doubt, but above all we keep our ears tuned for what rings of the true, the beautiful, and the virtuous. 

– Letters 


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