winter 2018 poetry

Alexandra Barylski

“Eve & Mary

Angela Bilger

“Digesting Dutilleux’s Métabolise

Benjamin Blackhurst

“Not an Elegy” & “An Essay on the Fall”

 Brett Stonecipher

Crows” & “Grandfather

David Koehn

“We’ve​ ​Heard​ ​Rumors ​The​ ​Water​ ​Hyacinth​ ​Was​ ​So​ ​Thick,”
“Abracadabra,” & “Hocus​ ​Pocus” 

Leslie Williams

“Exile from the Kingdom of Ordinary Sight”

Lex Runciman

“Seamus Heaney, St. Mary’s, Bellaghy”
& “Preseli Bluestone”

Misty Kiwak Jacobs

Blue Dots

Phil Montenegro


Scott Cairns

“Ειρήνη,” “Of Late, Our Climate,”
Archaeology: A Late Lecture,” “Honor,”
“Beyond Knowing”