Amy Cannon

“Rule of  St. Benedict,” “what is there to say about the desert fathers?,” “Julian Speaks,” “lessons from the desert,” “instructions for change”

Susanna Mayer

“Before Becoming” & “On the Nature of the Seraphim, Or Three Views on Burning”

Kazim Ali

“Golden Boy”

Joshua Jones

“On Behalf of the Committee”

Stephen Cushman

“Inserted into the Calendar”

Jennifer Atkinson

“Breakage” & “Essay on Music in Springtime”

Gregory Emilio

“Saying Grace in a Time of Drought”

Lisa Spaar

“Holy Week Madrigal”

Lana Bella

“Of Ghosts and Negatives”

Matt Seger

“Muse Me Eschatology”

Norman Dubie

“Elegy for  My Mother”