Andrew Hendrixson

“Babel (I Will Never Leave You Again)”
Graphite, charcoal, and acrylic on paper. 36”x24.”


“Hard Ground in Winter”
Oil and wax on canvas, 72”x 72.”


Virga (for Kay Ryan)”
Oil on canvas, 72”x 122.”


Andrew Hendrixson holds a MFA in Painting & Drawing from the University of Florida. He has taught at the university level, was an Artist-in-Residence at the Whale and Star Studio, and has traveled the country as a part of an experimental performance work entitled The House Shows Project. He has collaborated with poets and incarcerated youth and his artwork and writings have been featured in publications including New American Paintings, The International Painting Annual, Curator Magazine. He is currently a graduate student at Yale University.

Artist’s Statement: These works were made after returning to the rural Midwest after a season of living and working in Miami during an artists residency. I left my studio in Miami and drove straight through to Ohio, arriving in the middle of the night to a heavy snowfall. I knew that it would not be an easy year. Each of these works is a recognition of things that were difficult and limping about that season, but each is resolute to bend life toward better trajectories, to find a life that I cannot refuse.

“Virga” employs a reference to the meteorological event in which precipitation falls but evaporates before reaching ground. “Hard Ground in Winter” is a memory of the floodlight outside the window of my childhood bedroom. “Babel” is a meditation on earnest but misplaced efforts and what it might mean to reassess and do better.