Beginning with the Stairs

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It has traced their grain 
beyond all memory, before 

the seed was dropped into 
hospitable ground 

acquiring spreading forms, 
then rough right angles, 

a dark red gloss. Intimately 
involved in all their becoming. 

7 a.m. Light solidifies 
each rectangular line 

with a touch inseparable from 
warmth. The steps are sure. 

Ascension is certain. 

By Monica Cure

Monica Cure is a Romanian-American poet, writer, and translator currently based in Bucharest. She is a two-time Fulbright grantee and her poems have appeared in Plume, RHINO, Rust + Moth, UCity Review, and elsewhere. Her poetry translations have appeared in journals such as Modern Poetry in Translation and Asymptote, and her translation of Liliana Corobca’s novel The Censor’s Notebook was published by Seven Stories Press. She can be found on Twitter @MonicaCure or