Christian Worthington

St. Jerome in the Desert, 2016, ink on copper, 8″x10″.

Mother and Child, 2013, oil on canvas, 16″x20″.

Transfiguration, 2007, oil on canvas, 24″x36″.

St. Francis Gives Sermon to Birds, 2016, monotype, 9″x7″.

Christian Worthington is a painter, sculptor and draftsman who has studied the legacies of the Old Masters. He believes that painting can be a serious investigation into beauty, as well as a timeless medium able to withstand cultural and technological trends. Worthington has cautiously absorbed the approaches of many modern and contemporary artists to create a hybrid of ancient and modern techniques in his painting. Though his efforts involve combinations of archeology and innovation, sacred art in the Christian tradition has remained a constant influence. Convinced that the 20th century shattered any direct lineage from earlier artists to himself, he believes the 21st century presents a new opportunity to re-engage the practice of visual exegesis. 

The work of Vernon K. Robbins and Roy R. Jeal has recently influenced Worthington to consider how graphic images or “visual textures” are created in the mind when texts are read carefully, something they call “rhetography.” This emphasis on the biblical texts rather than traditional representations has allowed for works that are familiar in theme, but strange and new in their form and approach. 

Worthington’s work ranges from realistic painting to large scale non-representational sculpture. His work has been displayed in major art fairs such as Art Toronto and Miami Art Week. His work has been shown in and sold to private, corporate, and public collections in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and presented alongside the works of Pablo Picasso and Albrecht Dürer.

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