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by Sonia Blank


I’ve been so many persons until now.

I don’t mourn, I don’t

moan with my head bowed to regrets.

As the distance grows, I observe,

collecting difference like a harbor of boats.

We float down and up this river and

this river and this one.

I introspect in a crowded fitting room

without mirrors. It’s easy to get lost.

Again and again. Reincarnation

is necessary. I tell myself

I’ve been so many people in the past—

one, to be exact.


Sonia Blank, after receiving her MLitt in Religion and the Contemporary World from St. Andrews University in Scotland, moved back to her native country, Poland, where she currently works as a humanities teacher at Akademeia High School in Warsaw and is a translator for various publishers. Her Polish poetry is published in Akant Magazine and she has been a contributor for Transpositions.