Digesting Dutilleux’s Métaboles

by Angela Bilger


Reeds of gleaming
         sound         fistful of notes
                 on the tongue       masticated

scattering of pizzicato dice

how to swallow a bow
          drawn across the sharp
                    taste of metal

acid-bitten light

the enzymatic tap tap tap
         twisted blood-sung
                   song of sacrifice

the dark of a sarcophagus
          its flesh-eating stone

flutter’s echo

outstretched wings
                   startled awake




Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Angela Bilger is a classical musician living in the Philadelphia area with her husband and young son. Her work has been published in Rust+Moth and Raleigh Review and is forthcoming in the minnesota review.

Website: www.angelacordellbilger.com & www.angelashornstudio.com/blog