Golden Boy

by Kazim Ali


Almost afraid I am in the annals of history to speak
And by speaking be seen by man or god
Such then debt in light be paid

Atop the Manitoban parliament building in Winnipeg
What beacon to dollars food or god
I hallow starvation

This nation beneath the body hollowing
Its stomach to emptiness and in breadth
The river empties

Who sew spoke the craft born along
Long echo and echelon grains of light
And space we width one and other weight

The soul not the spirit breathe through
Spirited went or wend why true
Weave woe we’ve woven

A dozen attempts these tents pitched
On the depth be made biped by pen may
Perch atop the temple pool

Proven the prove these richness wheat and
Cherries and prunes what washes
Over woven ocean

Frayed I am most sir desired
Sired in wind seared and warned
Once in wild umiyak sworn

We parley to mend be conned be bent
Come now called to document your
Meant intent your indented mind

Haul oh star your weight in aeons
There in prayer money morrow more
You owe and over time god spends

The spent river melt into
Summer sound out the window
Sound out the spender

Where does the river road end
In what language can prayer or
Commerce be offered

Ender of senses pensive atop
Plural spires be spoken or mended
Broken and meant for splendor my mentor