Kilonova as Composition

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by Laura Reece Hogan

“… that he might create in himself one new person in place of the two, establishing peace…”
Eph. 2:15

Always we listen for the lyric—
the juddering                across space-time.

In the absence of visible lines
of light,                gravitational waves

pull                       squeeze

The interferometer detects a collision
of two neutron stars                  the merger

jolts                    through the cosmos,
tenses shortening tether.

Each star crams
the mass of the sun into a city-sized

An enormity never before observed.

We are listening.            Scientists will study
this                   but we hear it now,

the nascent unity         inscribed
in the interstellar chord.

I rotate my body toward the distant hum
of us




Laura Reece Hogan is the author of Litany of Flights (Paraclete Press, 2020), winner of the Paraclete Poetry Prize, the chapbook O Garden-Dweller (Finishing Line Press), and the nonfiction spiritual theology book I Live, No Longer I (Wipf & Stock). She has contributed to First Things and EcoTheo Review.