Pineapple Express

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We’re all actors, I think, 
from the beginning, therefore

our two-year-old says owie
as in ow or ouch, 

but there’s only the idea of an owie.  
Like the idea of taking Death Road

rather than actually taking it. 
North Yungas Road, Bolivia. 

Off the edge. Ow. One way
into an owie. Or maybe we mean owe me. 

Pizza? One of our preferred chemical changes, 
because pizza. We also like to eat hamburgers. 

Like trains colliding
in slow motion. Mostly



Eating blueberries 
again we wanted
to be giraffes. Barely sleep. 
Counting to an illion. 


What state? State of decomposition 

like our thinking


we can change ash back. 


By Thomas Osatchoff

Thomas Osatchoff, together with family, is building a self-sustaining home near a waterfall. Recent work has appeared in The Decadent Review, Mercury Retrograde, mutiny! magazine, and elsewhere.