Spires of Light

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I moved to New Haven for school in January of 2021 after starting my degree online from my hometown in Canada. I spent much of that initial time wandering, taking in my new location. Attending graduate school during a pandemic brought with it many challenges. Frequent walks and film pictures kept me grounded and clear-minded, dissolving the digital fog of too much screen time. 

These photos were taken in multiple locations over the course of the Spring and Summer, some from Cambridge, MA and others from New Haven, CT. I used my film camera—a process that demanded patience, particularity, and focus. None of these photos are retouched or edited; they are exactly what I saw through the lens of my camera. I wanted to maintain the untouched quality of the light that slips and seeps through the spires of the steeples and the trees, to preserve the purity of that experience. Steeples and trees, kinds of spires, life extending up to light that reaches, always, into our vision. 

By Julia Brousseau







Julia Brousseau is a 2nd year MAR student in the Religion & the Arts program at YDS. Hailing from a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada, she loves to be outside whenever she can.