The Long Slow March to Hallelujah

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by Gabe LePage


In the long slow march to Hallelujah,
we had many aha’s and oh my’s.
To discover the bottom of the L
or the dot of the J is a shock.
One man tried to take the A
and lead the way, so offended
at the Ah of the Jah,
he mispronounced it Yeah.
We got lost for days.

So many found the bottom-left-leg
of the H and held on tight
and they made it alright.
The Leh’s and Lu’s thought the Al’s
had it backwards and cockeyed,
but the Hallel’s knew better.
The Lujah’s thought they had arrived,
and were in for a surprise,
while the Halleluja’s, in all their a-eh-u-ah
missed the silent H, which is really a shame.
Imagine their disbelief,
the silent H ringing out at the end
of the chorus in the skies.


Gabe LePage is a joint-degree candidate for a Master of Divinity at Yale Divinity School and a Master of Environmental Management at Yale School of the Environment. He currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut. His poetry has been published in Dialogue, an undergraduate literary journal of Calvin University.