Issue 9 [summer 2020]


Art demands the cultivation of courage, for the writing life is a solitary one.

This is not to say the writer is reclusive or dislikes big parties. But the work is a path one must, eventually, go alone. The artist who would take the material of their life and learning, who would stare it down and say something true no matter how difficult, is the artist who has cinched the belt another notch and laced the boots a little tighter in order to clear a path the reader can follow.

The years of company spent with great minds, both the living and the dead, the summer evenings spent in leisure reading for pleasure, the weeks one spends enduring life at breakneck speed with only a moment to jot ideas down on napkins…all this for a few, brave hours alone so a poem, essay, or story might be.

-Alexandra Barylski, Editor


Octavian Paler
trans. Carla Baricz 

We, Who Were At Troy

Sarah Crowley Chestnut


Brad Davis 

A Mother’s Work

Denise K. James


Lily Jurskis

Lex Orandi



Jackie Belkin

What If Violence Is The Answer?

Naomi Kim


Samuel Liu

This Vein Is Infinite

Samuel Liu

The Same Book